Use the page to share ideas regarding PBL in Social Studies:

1. Use a blog to create a simulation where students can take on the identity of a person they've researched and interact with each other through the blog to solve a specific problem. (Example: At the end of Native American unit where students have studied how diversity evolved in different tribes through the differences in natural resources and environmnent, each student is given an Indian identity and the location where they lived; they then enter the blog introducing themselves as that Native American and then interacting with other students trying to find items that they could TRADE. Part 2 of this blog, would be initiated after students have time to trade and get acquainted. The 2nd part introduces a problem--Pocahontas warns the rest of the tribes that "the white men are coming" and everyone gets involved with what to do about this invasion. Students are challenged to change history!)

2. Oral History Projects

3. Ghost of the Hunley