Use the page to share ideas regarding PBL in Language Arts:

1. As part of my students study of the American Romanticism movement, they adopt the Romantic perspective for an ultimate iMovie production and personal essay. Students choose a location and maintain a journal of observations and take pictures or draw sketches. They use the experience to write a generalization. Finally they use the journal and images to create an iMovie.

2. After studying the archetypal hero in Honors English III, students compare an ancient hero, a modern hero, and a literary hero to answer the overarching question, "How have heroes changed over time, and have they changed for the betterment or detriment of society?" They create a product to share their findings with the class.

3. Students can create their own books with Lulu. We had students produce their own poems after studying poetry, and then we published the book for less than $7 a copy. Students could then purchase the book if interested.